Spiritual journey


spiritual journey starts in high mountains, when muscles are braking down, lungs craving for another sip of oxygen, legs become so heavy and super mellow at the same time that even small rocks feels like the huge boulders. after continuous exhaustion i need to find the balance between what i can and what i can’t. it is so depressing, as i always could, but now i am climbing from the darkest place i have ever been. digging hard is my choice, as long waited and promised enlightenment is just few steps away, so no matter what i keep pushing towards it. enormous running effort slowly absorbs me and finally i vanish by becoming the one with sacred mountain and mother nature. after reaching my own peak, chakras are opened. it is exactly the moment when exhaustion, suffering, love, gratitude and peacefulness are blended in the mind and it all trigger something unique, that didn’t existed before and was not imaginable or possible to accomplish on my own. finally, i found the peace with myself, discovered religion and reached satori, nirvana, zen, you name it, which transforming me into the living buddha

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