Chinese experience

49896316_2185968231657863_6411207457808318464_o“are you chinese”, asks me asian looking woman in the hotel elevator bringing me away from hong kong. shortly i thought that it was addressed to my co-traveller and japanese friend Hiroaki Matsunaga, but woman was staring straight into my eyes. surprise, confusion crossed my face, so i have just managed to mumble the question back, “am i”. however, she kept looking at me begging for an answer and it kind of boosted required morning energy, which i usually absorb from the strong bed coffee trying to wake up from the deep night sleep. “no, i am not”, i was laughing confidently, finally being able to give her straight answer, “but definitely will ask my mum”, added on, as comical side was finally awake. life is crazy, people even more and though it sounded like a joke, apparently it wasn’t, since humour was still tightly sleeping at that early hour. it happened so quickly, that i couldn’t figure out what triggered this ridiculous question, but a lot of laugh later on definitely made my day

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