Marathon Des Sables (MDS) Peru: being in the moment



Each day 300 runners wake up in Peruvian desert, who terribly want to reach the finish line and each day I wake up trying to freeze the time.

Though, I am already exhausted, but in pure nirvana in sort of flow, where running is as natural as breathing oxygen into own lungs. However, having no choice, I am very reluctantly packing CamelBakfor the last #MDS stage, very short 19km kilometres, which will end my latest discovered bedouin life. Damn it! I want to stay here for a little while and prolong intense feeling of deep affection of my new existence – being explorer, being Columbus, being able to elevate discomfort and suffering to yet another horizons.

Sadly this time desert can’t be endless and my heart is crying with no power to scream, as I am approaching the finish line and being just human failing to live split of a second longer by sacrificing own pride.

Stepping on millions years of history was awesome, flying on the sandy dunes was rad, but more importantly were the people who surrounded me, my each day shrinking cell, always ready medical crew, old friends from Arista Eventos & Marathon Des Sables PERUteam patiently navigating me through the heat-breathing desert.

Even though, just sweet blood, from the lovely sun kisses, left on my lips and desert storm in my mind, which slowly calms down, I am still so overwhelmed with crazy wilderness culture, stoned with traveling and running experience, dizzy from deep emotions, which I am trying to absorb and relive each day – Peru certainly forever will stay in my heart!

Inhale, exhale, stop the time and be in the moment!

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