Cuba Libre


Ten percent of road and rest part of trail makes the best running coctail i have ever had. Don’t take me wrong, all ingridients in this highball are equally important. It’s nonsense to exlude any of it, but each of us likes it in his own way and the best part – everybody is free to do so. This is what i love about trail running – choice and liberty.

So, to choose right additives, blend delicious mixed drink as following:

  • adventure vs race place,
  • exciting vs monotonous run,
  • time vs average pace training,
  • elevation gain vs fast and flat,
  • scenery vs boring courses,
  • self supported vs aid stations,
  • mud and dirt vs white socks.

Probably, this is why the new breed of runners were born: ones who share the same values, who look for the new challenges and enjoy nature more than themselves. Usually, after very first try runners are hooked on trails and they never come back on roads. Of course, some of them compete in both running worlds, but only of-road gives so important freedom.

To make long story short, run as you wish, because at the end trail or road is more like soccer and football, but don’t forget to run at all. Enjoy your liberation and don’t drink pure shots. Cheers!


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